Everyone makes mistakes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Page 6: Replace the word Zionism with Globalism. Note: This was a computer error, just like Globalism no one likes Zionism either, but it wouldn't make since lore-wise. 

Page 7: Replace Suzanne Magee with Suzanne Gabbard. Note: This is a retcon, as the game was early in development before Issue #5 before her real name was revealed.

One of Cinaethon's moves, GER- Toxic Bomb, "Organic" is misspelled "Organzic." 

On Gula's stats, Unknown is misspelled as "Uknown". 

On Gula's stats, Glutenous is mispelled as "Glutnous".

Up to date as of: 12/8/2021


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